I can't find a title - can I add it?
We try to maintain a fairly comprehensive database of titles, but if you can't find one you are able to add it if you have been a member for a month and have at least ten reviews posted. This is to help prevent malicious people from adding bogus titles.
Can I post short films or web series?
Has it been released for sale on an official DVD? If you can buy it through a store, Amazon, or another reputable source it is probably worthy of being added! Please make sure you add it to the correct section - series go under 'TV show', stand-alone short films would be considered 'movies'
Can I post reviews in French/Spanish/German/etc...?
Currently all reviews should be in English, but we are looking at the possibility of having versions of the site available in other languages.
Can I post reviews of foreign films?
Yes, but we ask that you post them under the English translation of their title. It is also helpful to note in your review if you needed subtitles to watch the film.
How can my program or blog access my reviews?
We have a REST API available, documentation is at http://api.rvws.net
I have # followers and haven't received the associated rank!
Because followers are often added in batches by social networks it would slow the site down considerably to check the achievement for each user in the batch in real time. Each time you post or edit a review it will recheck your follower achievement to make sure it is up to date.
If I update my avatar (picture) on Facebook/Myspace/Twitter will it automatically update on Short Reviews?
If your current avatar is linked to an external site we check to make sure it is up to date every time you log into Short Reviews. We also try to update it automatically while you are browsing the site, every 24 hours or so.
I added new Facebook/Myspace/Twitter friends who have Short Reviews accounts too, and they aren't being added to my account!
We try to update your friends from external sites automatically while you are browsing the site, every 24 hours.
If I delete my Facebook/Myspace/Twitter from Short Reviews will it remove all the friends that were added from those accounts?
We don't automatically delete any friend associations you make - but if there is a user you find annoying you can block them by using the button on their reviews, or in your account settings. This will ensure you never see another review posted by the blocked user.
I switched Facebook/Myspace/Twitter accounts, but my friends didn't update!
It may take up to 24 hours - we limit these updates to once per day per account to keep the site running quickly.
Why do you need my email address?
If you lose your password, or access to the Facebook/Myspace/Twitter account you log in with, this allows us to send you an email to reset your Short Reviews password. We never share your email address, and don't send out spam.