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This movie was different, even a bit strange. I guess the action was decent, and the plot was ok.
I liked the action in this movie, the plot was ok i guess. Some parts of the movie are quite moving, and interesting. Worth a watch.
This is a strange horror suspense movie. There is a lot of mystery that keeps you watching.
This is a classic, realistic war movie based on real events. Parts of it are funny, parts are sad, but mostly entertaining.
This seemed like a cheap flick, however the humor in it made it worth a watch.
A decent comedy with pretty good humor.
The plot was good, the acting was great. Some action mixed with some suspense and drama.
I was subjected to the torture of watching this cheesy stupid movie that i cant imagine any adult would actually like.
This is a classic movie with a good cast. Unfortunately the court scenes didn't keep my attention that much, but i guess the acting was decent.
This is packed with good actors and heavy action. It was entertaining for me, worth a watch for sure.
I watched this movie with my sisiter. I'm not a hippy culture person, but i guess it was alright.
This movie was AWESOME !!! Lots of action and great acting ! It was similar to the Bourne movies with Matt Damon but had a different plot. A MUST see !
Like Bill Maher or not, this film is 100% true LIKE IT OR NOT !!! It exposes religion for what it is, a fairytale that has killed so many people, and a bigtime money maker.
This movie is a dandy, it shows how people in authority can abuse power if they aren't monitored properly. As far as the acting goes it was decent, the plot speaks for itself.
This show has my full attention everytime i watch it. The information is interesting, and Jesse Ventura just does a great job with it.
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