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Even the slow songs on this album are done well, and some of the faster tracks are really catchy - Push the Button and Red Dress
This album return to a more pensive, melodic tone. I do like In the Middle, Nasty Ghetto, and Maya though.
Far better than their first album - One Touch - with a good lineup of catchy songs and a nice beat.
I'm on the fence about some of the slower songs on the album - but Touches you, Rain, Blame it on the Girls, and We are Golden are great tracks
I don't like most of the music on this album, but there are three songs that make the rest worth it - Relax, Grace Kelly, and the slower track Any Other World
This album is so much better than the older popular Linkin Park songs - I was surprised it was even the same group when I heard it. The first listen I only enjoyed a couple songs, but the longer I play it the more I like the album as a whole.
All the songs on this album are solid, and there are a couple excellent tracks. Definitely my favorite album from Good Charlotte
Much more upbeat than any of her previous albums - this is my favorite so far. Many of the songs are musically appealing but I particularly enjoyed 'Rabiosa', 'Loca', and 'Gordita'
This album feels quieter than Laundry Service and none of the songs really draw me in the same way. That isn't to say they're bad - they just don't shine the same way.
Two songs really stand out on this album - 'Te Dejo Madrid' and 'Fool' are both excellent. The rest of the music is just okay - including some of the more well known tracks like 'Whenever, Wherever'.
A very enjoyable album - upbeat songs with a minimal amount of crooning. The melodies and vocals seem like a much more cohesive package than they were in Songs About Jane
'Everybody Knows' is a good song, but the rest of the album lacks similar quality and polish.
The only good thing about this album is the cover of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now". It is just a hodgepodge of styles lacking genuine soul.
Unfortunately for this album the only good song is 'Just My Luck' - the rest are just light rock noise with no soul.
This album was disappointingly fluffy music with a Beach Boys flavor. Nothing like their newest single 'Party Girl'.
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