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This show isn't perfect, but it's entertaining and allows for more aspects of the zombie apocalypse to be explored than a 2 hour movie. Unfortunately that time isn't used as well as it could be.
I hadn't seen the trailer, and was expecting a run of the mill politics movie, but was pleasantly surprised. It felt like a movie from the early 90s, which I enjoyed. The only complaint I have is the ending, made the rest feel less meaningful.
I loved this movie as a kid, and I love it even more as an adult. A beautiful story about cute little appliances on a journey to find their master. Anyone who doesn't like this movie has a heart of coal. You know who you are
Pretty much your standard zombie movie fare, but enjoyable to watch. The filmmaker perspective is interesting. As with most horror movies, it has its fair share of plot holes.
Decent horror film. Not too over the top with the supernatural events. It's one of those where everything happening could easily be caused by the characters losing their sanity. The title is a bit misleading though, the tunnel barely plays a part.
One of my all time favorites. I've watched this 10+ times and it still sends chills down my spine. A really powerful take on vigilantism.
Definitely one of my favorite Disney movies, tied with The Brave Little Toaster. I don't think this could have been done any better.
Not the best movie out there, as far as plot and acting go. However it's pretty entertaining if you've watched Stargate Atlantis, as much of the cast is taken from it.
This is quite possibly the worst 90 minutes I've ever been subjected to. The first 3 minutes are mildly amusing, so I give it half a star. The last third of the movie felt like hours. I need a shower.
This wasn't bad, but the humor is just over the top silly. As a real life nerd, I would have enjoyed the concept much more if the characters were portrayed a bit more realistically.
This movie is about as good as a documentary about the manufacturing process of toenail clippers. But I thought Hilary Duff was hot when I saw this (I was 13), so it gets one star.
Great concept and characters. Denis Leary kicks everyone's ass and there's never a boring episode.
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