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A good end to an amazing show but felt very rushed and left a lot to be desired. I guess this is what comes of fitting a whole season into 4 hours.
Couple of glitches, cheap good fun. Think asteroids meets space invaders meets your music meets cocaine and that's this. A lot of fun, online coop and vs in Ultra DLC, and it will make your eyes bleed!
Good story, good physics, good graphics, good balance of puzzles and shooting but lacks a replay factor and there's a sense of disconnection.
Funny, great characters, but does seem to be a little bit too "life & problems of the rich / famous"
One star for attractive girls. Atrocious choreography, a storyline that didn't seem to know where it was going until it was over, somewhat sad beginning and end. Not worth watching though.
Excellent to the point I bought another PS2 just to enjoy this game again. Graphics are dated now though.
Overpopulated servers can lock you out of gameplay, no single player mode and a lack of being able to jump. Nothing more to say.
One of my favourite animes. Shame about the ending and the manga is just absurd, definitely worth watching though.
Annoying junk journeys to get back to their owner who left them because they're lonely despite having eachothers company. If junk like that turned up in my house, I'd be pissed.
This is absolutely amazing for what it is, but it's an extended demo with a price tag and the real game has been too long coming. This leaves a lot to be desired.
Great fun, the no nonsense game GTA IV should've been. Car handling is terrible though. It's a game you can just jump in and play, and enjoy blowing stuff up!
Excellent, brutal zombie killing fun. Online is not as good as it should be except on modified dedicated servers which evens up the game and makes it much more enjoyable. Nothing beats chopping zombies up with a katana though!
Fast paced, hilariously fun and addictive, pretty basic FPS but still a lot of fun to play, really a 3.2 or 3.3
It was good to play but the "give player 0 light and no flashlight attatched to gun then make scary things jump out" got really tiring. Painkiller is the game Doom 3 should've been.
If you don't like one, there's got to be a game in here you'll love if you're into RTS. These games defined the entire genre and, prior to EA's abominations, were truly excellent.
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