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Taylor Swift has been successfully exploiting teenage girls for years now. She has made a career out of writing dumb ass little love songs for middle school kids. This album is crap. Pure, unadulterated crap.
The writing on this show is some of the driest and awkwardest on television. The songs can be a bit too awkward at times, but more than often they are hilarious. The humor is in a genre of its own.
One of the most clever shows on television. I hated Danny DeVito with a passion until I saw him as Frank Reynolds. It has unlimited replay value and always manages to evolve every season and stay fresh. One of the only shows I own on DVD legally.
This movie is terrifying, if you are afraid of ominous tones and loud bang sounds. The scariest part is when the door closes by itself while they're sleeping! I only gave it a two because the female lead had an amazing rack.
This show is very entertaining. My favorite part is whenever one of the female contestants has an emotional breakdown.
The most amazing show ever to exist.
Everything about Nickelback sucks. I, in all honesty, can not think of one positive thing to say about this band. This is as simple as music gets.
Labor days showcases Aesop's vividly detailed story telling abilities intertwined with his unconventional, abstract style. The Picasso of independent hip hop. This is the album that made "Aesop Rock" a house hold name in the indie scene.
Classic Atmosphere. This album was the building block for every future release. Ant's production ability is unparalleled. The album has a very underground sound and feel to it, like you just bought it out of the back of someone's car.
House was cool for the first two seasons, then it just became predictable.
One of the most brilliant things ever written.
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