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Super chill, with soothing vocals and an unobtrusive sound. Good for studying and relaxing to
Overall a solid album, especially for driving or zoning out to. Heavily electronic, mostly without vocals. Some of the higher melodies sound overly simple, but otherwise delicious
Enjoyable, despite not having seen the first one
Super adorable. Great story, great animation, lots of fun. Would recommend it to anyone
The best word to describe it would be "strange" - it is, after all, Japanese. But it's compelling and engrossing, and the only fault I can think of is that sometimes it feels translated (which of course it has been)
A ridiculously good album, short and sweet. His voice takes a little getting used to, but the layers of deliciousness in each song are worth it
An amazing book. Vivid, fantastical, at times painfully graphic. A fairytale-like love story embedded in and contrasting with a contemporary setting. Worth a read
Interesting and pretty exciting. "Jethro Gibbs" doesn't roll off the tongue quite right, though
Forever straying into the very bizarre, but entertaining
A little depressing because the subject matter is pretty exclusively about victims of sexual crimes, but a good show.
New obsession <2 The quotes are a nice signature, practically idolize the boy-genius, Dr. Reid. Doesn't over-focus on one character, tends toward the psychological side without forgetting to provide thrills. Favorite <2
Only rates the last half star because of the colors - the cinematography is somethin' else. Otherwise, formulaic and kind of stiff feeling.
Not a fan of violence (I paused whenever I thought someone was going to die), but I have to admit that it was an incredible movie. Ledger's performance was chilling. Intense
Colors, colors, colors! An absolutely gorgeous movie
Never thought a cockroach could be cute. The lack of dialogue at the beginning is well-executed - so much so that it's practically unnoticeable.
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