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A horrible Gran Turismo 5 port to the Xbox under another name due to licensing issues with SCEA they had to change select features such as removing certain cars using worse music mediocre graphics and 8-bit shadowing, get Gran Turismo 5.
What a great show Jon Lovitz at his finest when i initially watched it as a child I missed some of the mild adult oriented jokes after re-watching the entire short lived series I must say, I love it, if you've never seen it don't bother.
140 minutes of horrible 10 minutes of sub-par action I went to see this movie because it was free, and because I had no idea what it was about, unfortunately not straw dogs. A writer moves to his wive's home town where the locals terrorize them.sucks
The original Wilfred, It has less of a plot and is more based around the day-to-day of Wilfred (Jason Gann)who is insecure and manipulative it is slow paced compared to the U.S. version but just as worth watching if STRAYLIAN accents do not bug you.
Wilfred is a sitcom about a dog and his neighbor Ryan (Elijah Wood)it is a weird concept that relies on dark humor and awkward moments, it kept me interested. the ending of s01e08 made me cry i recommend it if you're in a goofy mood.
horrible illogical plot little to no character development bad casting heavily influenced by arrested development in all the wrong ways best as background noise.
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November 8, 2011
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October 21, 2011
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October 18, 2011
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