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A fun FPS MMO that's free to play. Several game modes, and you work to unlock stats, weapons, and more. There are quests you can go on, and you can do them coop or solo. It's a fun game and it's worth a download.
The main character is awesome. There's violence. There's deceit, manipulation, and brutality. All with giant robots beating the shit out of other giant robots. Not to mention destroying an evil empire. One of my favorite animes.
It came out in 1995 and it's still my favorite game of all time. No game has ever had such a great storyline, battle system, and freedom. The second half of the game is completely free/sandbox. You will beat this game a ton of times.
This is the most pretentious piece of shit I've ever seen. My parents love it because it uses big words they don't understand. That about sums up the target audience. People who think big words are funny. Sheldon is a wanker and the acting hurts.
Algebriac! Mathematical! One of the best cartoons ever. The fact that it's in a post-apocalyptic nuclear war world just puts it over the top for the awesomeness. Jake and Finn are cool and at the end of every episode there's almost always a good joke
I'm torn on how to rate this. The character development is fantastic. The story line is great. The amount of information they give you in 12 episodes is overwhelming. They were a great 12 eps, but after it's over you're left wanting more.
A great anime. It's a little shounen/kiddy, but the character development is top notch. You'll smile and feel upset and laugh and go all over the place watching this anime. It's definitely a keeper and since it's still airing, it's one to pick up.
Best show ever. Good character development and I'm so gay for reese, no pedo. Perfect portrayal of a typical family, except with a crazy mom.
Shitty game full of shitty players. Everyone who plays this game sucks ass at it and blames their loss on someone else. Get carried scrubs.
I thought the 6th one in the series was overkill, but they kill freakin health insurance people and other douche bags I don't like. I think if they weren't killing douche bags I wouldn't have liked it as much, but they're douche bags and they die.
Warren is hot. Other than that it's a regular shitty 80s movie. The special effects are impressive for such a steaming pile of fecal matter.
There are some major plot twists, but overall Jack has cheesy lines and he's a stereotypical 80s Private Investigator. There are tits in this movie, but they are 80s tits which makes them small and weird looking. The special effects are horrible.
If you delight in acting so bad it's excellent, you must check out this movie. It is full of cheesy, yet hysterical one liners. Gingerdead Man is what you get when a movie sucks so bad it becomes good. I recommend it over over the sequel.
I usually delight in crappy movies for their cheesiness, but this one is horrible. I hear enough blabbering from the women in my life, and watching an entire movie based on one is painful. The humor sucks. There's a semi-hot lesbo scene.
If you watch this entire thing, you clearly have brain damage. If you enjoy it, you should be euthanised.
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