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Your Highness
From some of the team responsible for Pineapple Express comes this ribald, over-the-top, medieval fantasy/comedy about a wayward prince (Danny McBride), his slightly less wayward brother (James Franco) and a warrior princess (Natalie Portman) out to save them from themselves. The blue-blooded slackers embark on a quest to save their father's kingdom from doom, encountering sorcerers, dragons and Zooey Deschanel along the way.
Synopsis compliments of Netflix
Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Spoof
Most of the script sounds like it was written by a 16 year old boy. Natalie Portman brought a tiny amount of balance and humor to the film, but she was only in a third of the movie. Zooey didn't do much at all -a disappointing contrast to Tin Man
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