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For a "realistic" sci-fi film they had a weak grasp of physics and pandered to 3D. Sandra Bullock failed to carry the role, and the director had the artistic subtlety of a sledgehammer. I wish George Clooney was the lead, at least he was engaging.
Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg have fantastic chemistry, and the supporting cast of this action flick is pretty great too. They even managed to throw a bit of humor in without making it seem out of place - an all-around good film.
Rarely do I dislike a movie with Johnny Depp in it, but this one was incredibly unexciting. Somehow even with a number of explosions and runaway trains it managed to be bland and unengaging.
Whoever cast Jaden Smith in the lead role for this movie was insane - his "acting" was completely blank, and speaking muddled. Zoe Kravitz was surprisingly good and would've been a better lead actor - it's unfortunate she only had small parts.
I think it would have been a more cohesive plot arc without the breakup and rape shoehorned in toward the end. More simple perhaps, but still not a stereotypical prostitute story.
It was just okay until Ralph Fiennes showed up, then the film went into over-the-top humor and really hit its stride.
I usually enjoy movies with David Duchovny, but a Russian submarine movie with a variety of different American accents doesn't thrill me. The ending was a bit touching though.
The cast seems better than G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, but the plot is a mess unless you're already familiar with G.I. Joe lore. These aren't necessarily characters from the previous movie. It still had some ludicrous action sequences, but wasn't terrible.
I didn't realize going in that this was a horror drama disguised as a reality tv show, and was disappointed. The supposedly scary bits are cliche, though it's filmed well so you may not know at first if it's fiction or manufactured reality tv drama.
Some slow drama and lots of bloody action in a convincing post apocalyptic world - but the great ending is what earned this an extra half-star from me.
Melissa George does a decent job, but the interesting plot is what really makes this spy thriller engaging.
Bryan Fuller of Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me fame has re-written The Munsters. Unfortunately at this point it's just a one-off pilot. Although it has a good cast, only Charity Wakefield and Eddie Izzard really shine.
A family-based character drama, with a lot of non-family friendly content. The cast is decent, and although there is a lot of backstory not much actually happens - aside from some fairly messed up interplay between the characters.
Mark Duplass is one of the few people that could successfully pull off this odd romance without the movie becoming incredibly awkward. The cast of three works great together in this amusing comedy.
A rather unconventional drama, well acted with a decent script.
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