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Half by-the-numbers murder swapping plot, transformed into a Nicholas Cage action chase midway through. January Jones was great as usual, and Cage was Cage. Nothing special, but acceptably entertaining.
The whole cast is pretty good, but Rob Schneider and Claudia Bassols are great together - an odd pairing but they somehow work. Cheech Marin and Diana Riva are amusing as well.
It has the slow pacing and loose plot of a TV movie, but the good cast makes it watchable. Odd that only one guy changed appearance though.
Cloverfield with ghosts instead of a monster. I can't believe they thought suspense film technique would translate well into a TV series. Luckily it has a good cast, because without them the show would have nothing going for it.
Occasionally there's some hilarious banter amongst the team, but overall this show is a bit of a hyper mess. The characters seem a bit two-dimensional, and the the cross-dressing ten-year-old son/grandfather don't fit or add anything to the show.
More biography and less Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas than I was expecting - but still interesting. Giovanni Ribisi has a small part but is excellent and of course Amber Heard looks stunning.
Crazy that they're actually doing real tattoos, and sometimes don't even finish them. The tattoo aspect is all that really sets it apart, otherwise it would be like any other sub-par cooking contest - the judges are yawn-worthy.
Kitchen Nightmares meets America's Next Top Model. The assistants on this show are hilariously snarky. I have to wonder how these agencies weren't checked out before being allowed to join "The Network" though.
Follows the Gone in 60 Seconds formula - except with smuggling - but all the coincidences make for a far less believable plot. The acting was solid, but the ending was so laughable and predictable that even that couldn't rescue it.
Let's just forget about the other two movies and pretend this is the second in the trilogy - because that's what it feels like. Underworld had more depth, this had more violence and a fairly open ending. Following the Resident Evil: Apocalypse series formula a bit now
The acting and CGI aren't the best, but this Canadian-made drama about an Alaskan airline isn't half bad. There are a couple recognizable Sanctuary cast members. The characters make the plot engaging even though it isn't mind-blowingly creative.
Aside from a slow middle this is an excellent character drama. It had good emotion and a decent flow. Jessica Brown Findlay was an excellent choice for the role; the rest of the cast were good as well.
Topher Grace was weak emotionally, but the plot was solid and interesting. A bit different than the normal thriller pace. Richard Gere and Odette Annable were good in their roles.
From JJ Abrams it's too much to hope for a logical overarching plot, but each episode is reasonably interesting as an unconventional cop show. Should be a decent show for a season or two before they over-tell the story to a ludicrous degree.
A decent musical drama. Katharine McPhee is perfect, but Megan Hilty plays the type of dirty slutty that's unappealing at best. That makes me doubtful they can keep an interesting rivalry for even a season, the ending is already written.
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