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Never explains the origin of the supposed footage, and the unnecessary film aging effects seem like an attempt to cover up the slower-than-suspense pace. Warren Christie also behaves completely illogically about Lloyd Owen. Watch Moon instead.
An interesting sci-fi flick with a few good twists and an interesting plot. The atmosphere and effects are also good and have aged well.
Average entertainment value, but thought provoking. The plot was fairly unique as well, and paced nicely.
Solid with a few jokes but not nearly as good as Shrek - predictable with a smaller cast of characters. Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis) also reminded me of his annoying character in Due Date at the beginning.
The first 2/3 was a wasted introduction - good atmosphere, bad acting and not much else. The last 30 minutes were fairly solid, though I'm not a big fan of the ending. I'd recommend watching something like House on Haunted Hill instead.
A few good parts, but others are nearly as scary or exciting as intended. It really lacks any good explanation or satisfying conclusion regarding the ship - aside from a few vague cliche themes.
A good cast but the acting quality is competent - not nearly as good as Margin Call. It does have a lot more factual details though, feeling more like a documentary than a drama.
Fantastic cast. Slower than Wall Street but far more interesting. This makes Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps look as realistic as unicorns. It also raises interesting questions without seeming fake or biased.
If Mr. Bean was the star of Chuck you might get something like this ludicrous show. Darren Boyd is perfect as a bumbling spy - and the rest of the cast is entertainingly sarcastic - Robert Lindsay plays the boss role brilliantly.
A bit of The Chicago Code mixed with Boardwalk Empire. The cast is good, though I don't like the ailing health plot line - seems premature. Otherwise the plot and acting are decent, though in parts the characters ramble on about trivial things far too long
An excellent cast and a reasonably intriguing story. Not any deeper than The Da Vinci Code or a ghost story, but engaging and well produced.
Reasonably good suspense, though they never explained what exactly The Glow is, or who Kari Matchett was supposed to be. Portia de Rossi was okay except for the grimacing smile she did constantly in the beginning of the film.
Had a few good laughs but not as much of a comedy as a drama with a bit of humor. Kevin Spacey and Heather Graham were great together, but Virginia Madsen was a pill the entire movie. Felt like they had to manufacture a bit of controversy at the end.
Arty, almost clinical, without much in the way of plot. The characters are blase and rather silent for the most part. Film critics and pretentious film buffs will probably like it, and the meaning will be analyzed to death. Not for entertainment.
Yvonne Strahovski is gorgeous yet amusing and Adam Baldwin is hilarious - best character on the show. Chuck's incompetence can be annoying at times, but overall the show is good.
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