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Julia Roberts was pretty good, but I found it hard to get past Lily Collins' huge eyebrows. I thought they were going to pull a The Princess Diaries at first. A few sections of slapstick comedy detracted a bit as well.
I actually find this romantic sitcom pretty entertaining. Amanda Peet and David Walton have good chemistry, and the supporting cast is pretty great as well. Hopefully they can keep the spark as the relationship evolves.
Paced as a thriller, but there isn't much compelling or even creepy about Keanu Reeves as a serial killer. Mainly linear, it lacks the tension necessary for good suspense.
It's surprising that a man wrote and directed this, as it seems to have a strong feminine bias. An odd mix of cliche, combined with cutting through a few myths - it has a good cast but ultimately feels very contrived.
Charlize Theron's character is so ridiculous, yet she pulls it off believably - and the film wraps up in an unusually non-judgemental way that feels satisfying rather than trite or preachy. Not hilarious, but amusingly well done.
Katherine Heigl pulls off a good down-and-out store clerk turned novice bounty hunter. The overall acting is decent, and although the plot isn't anything special it's watchable.
I didn't realize this would be all in old Shakespearean English - which totally detracts from the film. It's the equivalent of broken English dialogue now, even though it wasn't when written. Disappointing.
Unfortunately most of this film is spoiled in the trailer, but it was a decent drama. It doesn't really engage you enough to feel like a proper thriller though.
After the first 20 minutes the rest was rather predictable, but Selma Blair was excellent - and the ending was fun. Reasonably slowly paced until the end when things started wrapping up.
The conclusion is a bit blase, but overall it has a The Bourne Supremacy feel, and both Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds were good. I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to this.
A decent romance - predictable but not overly cliche. Rachel McAdams was excellent as normal, and even though I'm not a big fan of Channing Tatum I thought he did a passable job.
Extremely slow compared to the original Urban Legend. The cast is decent but that doesn't save the film. Too slow to be a horror, not engaging enough to be a thriller.
Feels like Scream, minus the great sense of humor. The script is passable and the cast is good - a decent time-waster but nothing special.
Amanda Righetti is by far the best part of this film. The script is hilariously bad in a TV movie way - but I still liked it for some reason.
I enjoyed the non-standard relationship angle of this movie, with sarcastic wit. The ending was a bit of a disappointing cop-out though. Definitely a good cast.
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