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The ending is fun, but the plot is nonsensical and physics don't work that way. The main character is an over-the-top idiot in the beginning too. Lots of Hollywood glitz and special effects.
The premise is okay, but they've overlooked the value of personality - teams need to be required to win multiple weeks to get the prize. Maybe the bottom team each week is eliminated and replaced with a new contender...
Extremely low-key compared to Gordon Ramsay's normal shows, since he's interacting with prisoners. Feels more like a documentary about the prison system and inmates than reality TV.
Just a reboot of the Big Brother series, with more day-to-day choices left up to the viewer. Not particularly great or innovative in any way.
The plot and some of the acting was fairly ridiculous, but Mena Suvari played a hilariously great crazy ex-girlfriend. A romantic comedy centered around Katharine McPhee looking attractive.
An odd sci-fi flick with a good cast. The beginning has a good creepy, suspenseful vibe.
The small part Michaela Watkins plays is the only good, non-generic part of this mess of a film. Plenty of unwanted, ugly people nudity in this film.
Mel Gibson sort of plays himself, but since most of the film is in an unusual Mexican prison it turns out to be somewhat interesting.
Unquestionably a Ridley Scott film. Lots of similarity to the original Alien, with a bit more action. There are a few plot holes, but overall if you enjoyed Alien you'll probably like this.
Rachel Nichols is perfect for this role, and Erik Knudsen is good as well. To their credit, they didn't mess up the tech lingo like most TV shows. Occasionally overly technical with dialogue, but nothing that would spoil it for an average viewer
Intriguing, not just another rehash of a story you've heard before. I was very pleased with this TV movie - it seemed far more realistic than most renditions of this story, and the entire cast was excellent.
Pretty generic, with some trippy Alice in Wonderland sequences thrown in. Luckily Kristen Stewart played her role in a unique and fantastic way that really carried the film.
A much more blatantly sexual take on Poison Ivy, with none of the lolita vibe of the original.
An incoherent mess with no relation in story or theme to the original Poison Ivy.
A fairly solid Femme Fatale story, with a good cast.
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