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This one-season show has good tension in every episode, and the acting is good. They also had a chance to make the last episode wrap up the story nicely.
A surprisingly good new superhero series. It has the feel of Batman, though the overarching conspiracy has the potential to be a bit hokey. The episodes are solidly enjoyable though.
Unfortunately heavy with misandry and bad acting, though the action sequences weren't terrible. I Spit on Your Grave is a much better horror film if you're looking for a female lead.
The acting was passable, but the plot felt weak in spots and a little on the slow side.
The first part seemed like a very common pander-to-teens lesbian thriller, but the plot became far more interesting toward the end.
A decent thriller revolving around the life of a billionaire - an interesting change from the common murder/spy films.
Got dark/weird pretty fast - a few funny moments but not a comedy through and through. Plenty of adult humor and swearing, obviously.
Fairly solid light drama. Obviously not cable TV, so don't expect any Boardwalk Empire quality grit and violence - this show is half Grey's Anatomy.
Nearly all character drama revolving around an antique store robbery - but the cast is pretty solid and the script keeps the film interesting enough.
Ridiculous in so many ways, and the acting feels a bit off - though the story did get somewhat interesting toward the very end.
Solid acting all around, and a reasonably involved plot keep this film entertaining. The action is all fairly realistic as well - no ludicrous stunts.
The acting is so-so, and the story is a bit on the slow side. Wasn't expecting it to end like it did though, nice surprise.
Reasonably amusing, but Olivia Wilde and Ashley Greene completely stole the show, even though they had relatively small parts. Quite a bit of over-the-top acting throughout the film.
Could be decent if the live music was good, and the announcers weren't so annoying... but the music is terrible and the hosts are change-the-channel bad.
Half-hour wasted intro, weak acting from Sienna Guillory, and a few huge silly plot holes. At least the action was fun than the last - though more utterly ridiculous than usual at parts. Open-ended as always.
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