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Josh Hutcherson is annoying for most of the movie, as usual - but Michael Caine and Vanessa Hudgens made it almost bearable.
A good cast and unapologetic story make this one of the few enjoyable "modern sexuality" movies. Too many in this genre try to be politically correct, while this one offers a realistic group of characters.
Most of the movie was solid but not great, with a few scattered amusing moments. The rather trippy finale was entertaining though. Chloe Moretz's character seemed a bit out of place and extraneous - they should have scripted her differently.
It wasn't great, but out of the Woody Allen films I've seen this was more drama and less about obscure topics. All-star cast, as usual for his films.
Some of the cast is good, but the pacing is off a bit and the open ending is totally unnecessary and disappointing.
The acting is generally okay, but the characters feel a bit disconnected from each other - except for the staff of Castlebury Hall, who do a perfect job.
Kevin Spacey does a decent job as a likable criminal, and the story is amusing. Even though he's on the cover Colin Farrell doesn't have a very big part.
75% of this movie was just okay - slightly annoying with all the bickering among the Avengers. The final 30 minutes redeemed it though, with plenty of good action and humor. Wouldn't be the same without Robert Downey Jr.
The kids in this bloody action movie are good, especially Ryan Hartwig. He portrays a cold psychopath perfectly without speaking a word.
Looking for zombie-robot-Hitler? You've come to the right place. Brutal in parts, but mostly just so bad that it becomes good comedy.
Based off the previous made-for-tv movie of the same name, also starring Jennifer Love Hewitt - but with better acting, and casting. Not bad, but any sense of suspense or excitement crumbles after a few episodes.
The opposite of a cop show - a group of fixers that both defuse and publicize scandals, depending on the situation. The cast is excellent, and it seems to have a decent overarching conspiracy story so far.
Not great, but one of the few where the characters filming the movie works well. Lots of special effects, most of which are well done.
A little bloody but not scary - with more humor and a bit of technological sci-fi for good measure. Much of the cast was good, but Fran Kranz was thoroughly great as the stoner tag-along of the group.
The film has almost nothing to do with the title, and Mandy Moore looks exactly the same through the entire movie including the flashbacks.
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