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I'm rather ambivalent about this series, except for Orla Brady, who is intriguing even though she's a secondary character. She reminds me a bit of Jane Seymour, and lends a bit of humanity to the law team.
This refreshing and mildly amusing indie character drama is roughly cut - no smooth transitions between lines or scenes, but somehow you forget about that as you watch. The cast is full of seasoned actors, and they perform admirably.
I like the cast and basic premise, but the overarching conspiracy plot just seems silly. It's a pity they couldn't just leave that out and make a solid law show without sensationalizing it.
I want to like this but the characters and dialogue don't feel genuine. I much prefer Flakes, which - though a bit of a caricature - didn't have a stilted feel to it.
Feels like a bad remix of the new 90210. Jewel Staite is on the show, but the script lacks finesse, with tons of cliches and humor that falls flat.
Initially vulgar and melancholy, yet decently acted with an amazing cast. An odd mix of homosexuality and homophobia ruins the flow a bit, but it's still far better than drivel like Easy A. Has heart, but not a film for the easily offended.
Rooney Mara is not as convincing playing Lisbeth, and the script is less cohesive compared to the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - too loose in parts and frenzied in others. Daniel Craig was excellent and I did enjoy the finale better, more The Thomas Crown Affair.
A great cast with terrible pacing - almost half the movie was setting up the story, and the end was rather anticlimactic. Spy Game is a far better espionage suspense, with a bit of action as a bonus.
Seems like a pretty good WWII era drama, aside from the apparently budding lesbian relationship, which seems awkwardly shoehorned into the show. Has a bit of the Mad Men vibe, though the story mostly focuses on the women.
Lost my interest a bit in the middle, but the end was quite good. Nice to see Holmes' ultimate enemy brought into the story finally.
Once you get past Tom Cruise's "serious face" this is a roller coaster of love it, hate it. Great first 15 minutes, then a ridiculous nuclear plot. Formulaic and predictable, but the couple minutes after the final fight were pretty funny.
The acting was good and the beginning was well balanced, but the ending - while appropriate - seemed very anti-climactic.
This mini-series reminds me a bit of The Hunger - though more realistic and relevant. Attempting to be thought provoking, the episodes are intriguing and entertaining while still providing social commentary.
This show had me cringing, not laughing. The overblown sarcasm of Suburgatory just highlights the awkward attempts of this sitcom to make the uncool parent stereotype seem funny again.
This SyFy miniseries is pretty good, except for Q'orianka Kilcher (Tiger Lily), who sounds like she's reading her lines. Peter is far too gullible in parts. This is similar to the previous Tin Man and Alice miniseries.
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