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Lots of big names, but terrible. If you had a 12 year old rewrite Swordfish monologues you'd come out with this silly dialogue. The one compelling scene is split throughout the movie, and would be about 15 minutes long reassembled.
Most of the film the Thing is merely a bogeyman, not an organism fighting for survival like the original. It's a passable horror prequel - the opening scene is cheap and melodramatic, and the malfunctioning flamethrower is a rip-off of the original.
If you can get past the first 20 minutes of nothing happening this is a good horror film. The only thing I disliked a bit was the open ending.
A decent sci-fi horror, with a bit of suspense. The plot and acting are all solid, though the last 30 minutes are a bit too predictable.
Terrible. Danny Dyer is campy but the rest of the acting is just bad. The 30 minute intro could be cut, the fighting is silly and the shaky, blurry "eyecam" footage does no favors for the film. A poor imitation of The Condemned or The Tournament
The beginning is solid but Olivia Wilde steals the show in the last third of the film with a fantastic performance. The rest of the cast is good as well, and it makes for a decent character drama with a dash of action.
An entertaining hitman movie. Antonio Banderas is particularly good, and the rest of the cast is solid. The plot is unnecessarily ridiculous in a couple areas purely for drama - like Julianne Moore running off to party - but the rest is good.
The cast is excellent in this fairly good live-action rendition of the classic 101 Dalmatians animated movie. Got a bit slapstick at the end, but the only part that hasn't aged well is the animated drainpipe sequence.
An underrated action thriller with a sci-fi twist. Good cast. The CGI/effects are slightly dated, but better than many films that came later. This film doesn't take itself too seriously, but delivers solid entertainment.
Not bad, the acting was okay and the plot was passable - but expected. The ending reveal in particular was completely uninteresting. Exam is a much better single room thriller, though not as violent as this.
Unsurprisingly some racism and sexism. The plot is fairly pedestrian but the cast and script manage to keep season one interesting. After that, things like the Bobbie Barrett plot seem awkward, and the Draper family drama slowly destroys the charm.
The three main characters - Lana Parrilla, Jennifer Morrison, and Ginnifer Goodwin - all do a fantastic job with their roles. The script is also well crafted, with good flow between the fairytale and real world.
It's okay but feels a bit derivative and lackluster compared to other shows dealing with fantasy creatures and/or objects like Warehouse 13 or Supernatural. A far better new fantasy reimagining this season is Once Upon a Time
First 2/3 was a good single character film, far better than Cast Away, but the last third didn't mesh at all - it was like something from The Fountain. The interviews and some of the civil war scenes were out of place, and there isn't gravity on ISS
The acting is solid, but the plot is a bit scattered - and it would have been better if they introduced the pod toward the end of the film instead of the opening.
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