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A solid story, with an open-ended but satisfying conclusion. Unfortunately there wasn't great chemistry between Josie Ho and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but it didn't ruin the film.
Gina Carano is great at stunts, but the film itself didn't seem particularly compelling. Surprising with such a good cast.
Similar theme to The Wicker Man, but the acting is atrocious and there isn't anything compelling or new about the plot.
It's interesting how they cut in some original footage from the TV show - and Diane Lane is always good in these type of roles.
Most of the movie was excellent, up until the last 20 minutes - which crossed the line into ludicrous territory. The ending was okay though. Tricia Helfer was good as usual.
The show is a bit predictable, but fairly solid as far as spy-action TV shows go. The stunts are realistic enough to be plausible, no superhero action. The plot gets ridiculous after a while though - as a movie length it would have been fine.
This is what The Playboy Club could have been if it was on cable. An excellent cast brings the hotel to life, and the story has plenty of deceit and secrets to keep things interesting.
The acting was decent, but the script was a bit slow and odd - I kept wondering if they were going to pull a Fight Club. It does have a fantastic monologue by Leslie Bibb in the middle though, speaking to the police.
Lampooning a Dallas Christian suburb, this show is cast perfectly. Leslie Bibb, Kristin Chenoweth and Annie Potts are excellent in their over-the-top roles.
Has potential, but doesn't go anywhere - the characters are exactly the same at the end as in the beginning and it really leaves the film without any payoff or conclusion. I guess the intention was "people never change" - true but not entertaining
This is a rare cop show where a woman plays the lead role well - tough yet still feminine. The husband side-plot leaves a bit to be desired, but hopefully it can grow past that in the first couple seasons.
I thought the first half hour intro was excellent, but the horror sequences - while suspenseful - were a bit bland and generic. The cast is excellent though.
The writing starts out terse and uninspired, but the story eventually draws you in. The main character is bland and unlikable. Conversely Rue, the minor secondary character, is fantastically written and brings genuine emotion and life to the story.
Read The Hunger Games book or you'll be a bit lost - this script doesn't do it justice and changes many details arbitrarily. Seems like the writers didn't have a grasp on what was important and exciting from the book, just tried to summarize it badly.
If you want a Ving Rhames zombie movie the remake Dawn of the Dead is better than this made-for-tv drivel. In the opening few minutes of the movie one (almost two) characters die from slow walking zombies, with plenty of room to run. Silly.
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