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This serious drama was a far better role for Steve Carell than any of his awkward comedies. The relationship between Keira Knightley and him seemed to work fairly well too.
Very dark, decently acted with a good atmosphere. Unfortunately the ending is eye-rollingly obvious and a bit disappointing.
Another straight-up torture flick, with little to no actual story.
The acting is decent and the plot is better than most 'stuck on a plane' movies. Unfortunately the finale seemed like a cop-out to leave it open for a sequel.
There are a lot of stories where two people swap places, but this one was well acted and had an interesting cast of characters. The intriguing plot and time period helped too. Wouldn't have minded if it lasted longer than two hours!
A compelling drama about a newsroom, covering real world events from recent years. First season seems a bit short, left me wanting more - but the cast and acting were excellent.
Great cast as usual for the Batman remake series. The story and acting were solid, except for the reason the villain wanted to kill Batman, which seemed extremely contrived. Anne Hathaway was appropriately sultry, instead of her normal perky acting.
Gratuitous nudity, but the horror elements are really well done. It is an anthology of 4 or 5 small stories though. Filmed in grainy first person shakycam with lots of odd cuts like a home movie.
A simple but good plot, heavily reliant on dialogue and acting. Slow but suspenseful, and well acted throughout. A surprisingly well known cast.
Captures a little of the suspense from the original, and the action from the sequels. The cast is all good, but it feels a bit long - and the more than 10 minute chase scene at the end is unbearable. With a bit of editing this movie would be great.
Overacted in a ludicrous and comic fashion - this mini-series delivers a violent and humorous crime drama. My only gripe is the slightly inconclusive ending.
A decent sci-fi flick with plenty of action and a splash of suspense. Unfortunately there are a bunch of plot holes and unrealistic bits, but it's still fairly enjoyable.
A bit on the long side - but an interesting sci-fi story with decent acting. The CGI wasn't great, but it got the job done, and some of the non-CGI shots were very cool. Foreign with subtitles.
Feels very much like a soap opera - probably because it's an exact remake of one. Nevertheless the cast is good and all the double-crossing is rather amusing.
Ridiculous plot with a fun comic book feel. Max Payne in space. Lots of crazy action and wild characters. The CGI isn't great, but it's acceptable.
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