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Fairly dark, and can be quite plodding at times - sometimes you can cut out half the episode and not lose any story. The cast is pretty good though.
A nice feel-good show that promises to be interesting without manufacturing unnecessary drama. The cast is low key with a good southern feel.
Plot is nothing like trailer. Most of the film is generic action and fights, slow in parts, but the end is okay. Yvonne Strahovski has a beautiful smile and Australian accent, yet Jason Statham somehow has no chemistry with her.
Most of the good driving is in the trailer, and it isn't worth watching this entire film just for that. The rest is fairly deadpan with a totally unconvincing relationship angle. Much of the movie is a big yawn.
Out of all the ideas they could have for a drama about 60's pilots and stewardesses they had to go with a spy plot? Side note: I've never seen an airplane with aisles as wide as a hallway. On the upside, at least the cast portrays the retro feel well
A family-friendly reality TV competition - the competitors are usually nice rather than cut-throat like some other shows, and the challenges and travel locations around the world are interesting.
A movie so absurd it becomes hilarious. The cast has an extremely eclectic mix of accents which makes it even more odd.
I'm not a big fan of James Caviezel but he's decent in this series. Essentially a reverse cop show - investigating how the crime will happen. JJ Abrams being involved makes me a bit skeptical since his projects tend to become progressively ludicrous.
Maria Bello plays a good tough woman outsider - better than The Closer by far - though obviously the role has been done before so it isn't entirely fresh.
Natasha Leggero is awesome, but she doesn't have a large role and the rest of the show is just rather average
Unfortunately this is like a combination of The X Factor (UK) and American Idol rather than staying true to the brand. Not surprising since half the judges come from AI. Replacing Cheryl Cole was a huge mistake, as was bringing Paula Abdul as a judge.
I like the characters, but the storylines are a bit too hyper for my taste - the second a threat is removed the writers add another. The characters are also a bit daft at times.
Terrible green screen open, and a few bad effects throughout. The acting is almost passable in parts and utterly terrible in others. Surprisingly bad for the number of recognizable actors.
This tries to be a thriller, but the opening is jumbled until Kate Winslet shows up about 15 minutes into the film. After that it's just slow and not very compelling.
Amber Heard and Eddie Cibrian were a good choice for this series - unfortunately NBC was not. This show could only really live up to its full potential on HBO or Showtime. The homosexual side plot is a bit of an odd choice for a Playboy show too.
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