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This compendium of viral videos is okay - though the girl co-host has the most annoying laugh ever.
Not that we need another movie about love - but at least this wasn't quite as sappy as it could have been, and had some good humor. It manages to avoid being cliche for the most part.
This show promises to be sweet. The series opens packed with detail and back-story, with a feel similar to Cruel Intentions - but less sexual. The cast is chock full of veteran actors, and the plot twists are interesting - not cliche
Probably a good book, this BBC TV movie was reasonably well acted and produced - nice little mystery thriller.
This is not the Zooey Deschanel I know and love. Where did the quirky, stylish, funny, on-tune singer go? I had to mute the atrocious singing in one scene! Replacing one of the cast members after a single episode is also less than optimal.
Beginning is impersonal and dependent on your athlete's skill - eliminating large swathes of people at once. The middle is predetermined by producers and so tightly scripted some people aren't given choices. Only the final spin is pure luck.
The dialogue isn't tight, but still has a semblance of realism - though the film would be much the same if they were speaking in a foreign language without subtitles. It gets a bit weird 2/3 through the film, but wraps up with a predictable ending
Several times as a child I was forced to watch this classic Disney film in school, and absolutely hated it. I always cheered for the giant magnet to get the toaster, he was far too chipper. Much like Tweety Bird and Sylvester The Cat. Go Sylvester!
Chavs and gang-bangers fend off fuzzy aliens in the London projects. One of the more offbeat and amusing alien invasion films I've seen lately
There's a bit of pseudo-intellectual garbage droning on in the beginning, but after you get past that it's a slightly quirky and awkward teen romance flick. All of the characters are decent, and the story is fairly cohesive.
Nothing 'supernatural' about this film - starts out as a bloody horror flick, and ends up as a documentary of a crazy cult. The pacing was very stop and go. Kerry Bishe's good performance was marred by sound editing that made her incredibly breathy
It still has a bit of an angsty MTV feel, but the quirky characters and unconventional story make it worth a look. Probably more interesting for younger audiences considering it's about Australian teens.
A slow but intriguing character drama - the story is slightly interesting, but it plays second fiddle to the character interaction. The dynamic between Bill Nighy and Rachel Weisz is odd, but interesting. Holly Aird had a tiny, but well played part.
Nicely paced with a story that balanced emotion and adrenaline-pumping action very well. Zoe Saldana was perfect for the role, and the rest of the cast was good too. Only bad thing was using Johnny Cash - Hurt as a closing song.
The dialogue is Shakespearian Prose - not a translation. This can make it quite hard to understand at times with the speedy delivery. The acting was okay and it was filmed pretty well.
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