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A passable story, though the CGI was pretty bad throughout. Gianna Jun was a bit deadpan - but Allison Miller and most of the council agents were pretty good. It would have been better balanced with more council details and a little less Saya
Suspenseful and interesting, as are most Stephen King stories. Unfortunately the film is also four hours long, when two would have sufficed to tell the story properly.
As much as I like gunplay, I'm not sure why they pack guns if they don't kill the vampires. It gets a tad slow in the middle - but not unreasonably so - and the ending is a bit anticlimactic.
This show has potential, but the contestants seem to be particularly fragile. They tend to intentionally reveal the location of the case in order to get out of their jail cell. I'm not sure if this is intentional casting, but it ruins the game
Interesting concept and good cast - but the film is much longer than it needs to be to tell the story. The CGI is obviously terribly cartoony because of the age of the movie.
The only reason to watch this is the action - the script is hackneyed and over-dramatic. The one really good part is kid Conan fighting. Rachel Nichols takes her role way past precocious into annoying, but gets better as the film progresses.
Lots of improbable gunplay and a fun script with a splash of humor. A little dirty and quirky, but amusing. The only part that left a bit to be desired was the arial scene
I'm sure the book was probably better (never read it) but enough of the wacky imagination was infused into the movie to create a clever and mildly entertaining romp through the universe. The cast is competent and amusing as well
Vaguely interesting - but unlike Californication the sex scenes just end up seeming gratuitous - and the story is rather plodding. Nelsan Ellis is by far the best character on the show.
The ending was amusing, but the first two-thirds of the film felt blase. Only two deaths in an hour - most of the film spent figuring out exactly what previous characters did. It should at least build on the predecessors, like the Scream series
A drama starring CGI apes, not an action film the trailers portrayed, but still good. I expect a sequel since this film doesn't explain how a hundred apes conquered the world; probably an action film, judging from the last few minutes of this movie.
The interview segments were hilarious - this movie would be a lot better without all the pseudo-drama and acting - should have just been a series of interviews.
The first half was pretty good, but the second half felt extremely long, and unnecessarily strange at times.
Jennifer Aniston is actually good, but the entire premise of the movie is so implausible that Adam Sandler's character seems contrived.
Filmed nicely with cool wardrobe. The voice acting and dialogue are a bit rough at the beginning, but as the film progresses it gets better. I would have preferred tighter story editing, probably could have fit the entire story in one film.
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