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Everything besides the airships was rather unimpressive, and as much as I like Milla Jovovich she really didn't fit this film. The ending felt like the writers weren't even trying.
The premise is okay but unlike Swordfish the first 30 minutes is Hugh Jackman being an obnoxious screw-up, almost ruining the movie. Luckily Evangeline Lilly is good as usual, and so is Dakota Goyo and they play well together.
It probably won't be known whether this show is great or laughable until the middle of the first season. At first it was just a jumbled mess, but a couple episodes in a story starts to emerge - whether that story is coherent remains to be seen.
Nice to see Tim Allen back on a sitcom - think Home Improvement without all the grunting and hokey construction skits. Definitely more amusing and relevant to the 21st century.
At best this is average, but some of the drama felt forced - the rest was a straight-forward drama about cave diving and exploration.
Plenty of slapstick, with a few good comic moments. The ending is such a cop-out that it totally ruins the movie for me.
Surprisingly funny, with a decent cast. The plot is simple but has enough laughs to keep the film moving
Not as funny as the trailer portrayed, but a touching drama about 60s southern racial dynamics. The cast was chosen well, and I thought the humorous yet human way Jessica Chastain portrayed a new-money socialite was outstanding.
The actors play this character drama perfectly. The parents of the out-of-control child tolerate his constant reign of terror and are horrified when someone gets fed up with his behavior. After the first episode the plot starts dragging though.
The way Jane Levy commits to her role totally carries this snarky spoof of suburban life. Everything is exaggerated humorously, but somehow it works for this show rather than seeming silly.
A passable sci-fi adventure - it will probably end up with a bit too much unnecessary character drama. Shelley Conn has perfect expressions, and Naomi Scott is good as well - Allison Miller is disappointingly exactly the same as in Kings
Not realistic by any means, voodoo wise, but a trippy and rather entertaining journey.
Heather Graham is the only really good thing about this kids movie - Judy is an annoying motormouth, and her family is eye-roll worthy too. The entire film has a tense frenzied feel like kids on a sugar-high.
Similar premise to The Condemned and The Tournament - but slower paced and most of the action is just boringly gratuitous, as is the nudity. The best scenes were just Samuel Jackson in the control room with his women. The open ending was lame.
Interesting concept, though the story could be far tighter - there is a lot of filler footage. The first episode in particular was poor, but after that it started getting a little better.
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