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American Idol
Relive the exciting highlights and view never-before-seen footage from this immensely popular television series! The premise: Every episode, a dwindling number of hopeful pop stars audition before a panel of three judges -- brutally honest Simon Cowell, the more forgiving Randy Jackson and nurturing singer-choreographer Paula Abdul. Home viewers vote for their favorite contestant, and the winner gets a recording contract.
Synopsis compliments of Netflix
Reality, TV
Not a big fan of singing on TV - seems odd to put an auditory competition on a primarily visual medium. It should get some credit for transforming TV a little bit though, for better or worse.
Everything that is wrong with music popular music today. If you play it enough times 12 year old girls will love it. There parents will buy it. And it will become #1 with no real musical tallent.
Harder to kick than heroin, so be sure you want to commit before you watch. For me, the stories behind competitors and their personalities are more compelling than the music. Wouldn't be worth watching without Simon Cowell's caustic remarks.
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