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Love the genre and loved the acting from Denzel and even Reynolds (unexpectedly). Lots of action, intrigue, foreign locations, and uncertainty about the true motivation driving Washington's character all make this well worth seeing.
Really liked this one. Casting/acting was superb all around and the premise really kept my interest. You get to feel personally invested in the outcome. Well done in every way.
Thought this would be super hokey, but was pleasantly surprised. Damon is always top rate, but this is the first time I've appreciated Johansson's acting, and little Jones is mesmerizing. Made primarily for kids, but also enjoyable for adults.
Better than expected--Collins reminded me of a young Audrey Hepburn. Fairly well played by all. Not the movie of the year, but sufficiently entertaining.
Not a bad little film. Major talent in Martin, Wilson and Black--with a fairly good script which thankfully lacks the ridiculous silliness you might fear in this type of movie.
Surprisingly, a somewhat ridiculous premise works due to the charisma of both Messing and Mulroney and the chemistry between them. Cute.
Although I think this is Clooney's best acting to date, the story is not compelling or large enough for a full length film. A few good moments, but failed to keep my interest throughout.
Far superior to the first installment in my opinion. Some outstanding and unusual camera work, and main character chemistry is somewhat improved. Well worth seeing.
Don't think Heigl will ever be a truly outstanding actress, but this role is perfect for her. A bit on the level of a TV movie, but really captures the flavor of the Evanovich books.
The worst in the franchise to date. Cruise is just okay, but the supporting cast seem like a bunch of high schoolers (except Stickel). No way these people could be CIA operatives. Disappointing.
A great movie marred only by the distracting overuse of the f word--seemed like 1/2 the words in the entire movie. Top notch script and acting all around--even the bumbling robber duo was hilarious without the usual silliness. Surprising little gem.
Vintage British war story with old-fashioned feel to it. Some low level intrigue.
Fischer is not the best actress ever, but she does have a certain charisma that keeps you watching. About on the level of a made-for-TV special, but not the worst thing I've ever seen. Some funny bits and the kid is worth watching.
Enjoyed this more the 2nd time around after having read the book. Appreciated Jennifer Connelly's strong performance, some of the others not quite up to par. Presumably women would enjoy this movie more than men.
Very interesting premise--provides plenty of food for thought. Not a fan other of the main actors, but liked them in these roles. Well written, well acted. Recommended viewing!
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