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A bit of an odd, quirky movie, but Owen Wilson pulls off his usual entertaining characterization, while McAdams only annoys. An ideal escape movie with some time travel and romance thrown in. Marion Cotillard is mesmerizing.
Expected little since the critics panned this movie, but ended up being pleasantly surprised. Wilson was a stand out, Rudd was better than usual, and Witherspoon is always interesting to watch. Not bad!
Too slow, too unbelievable. Watched until the end hoping things would improve, but ultimately found it unsatisfying as a whole. Blythe Danner's acting was the only bright spot for me.
Another "just a tad better than just okay." Very predictable, but some of the chemistry between characters really works. The east LA hispanic culture is portrayed as cozy and tight-knit and gives the film its flavor.
Very cutesy, but not deadly boring, so a tiny bit above the "just okay" rating. Kids will love it because of the cute factor and adults can tolerate it without feeling totally ripped off.
Think Jason Bourne in the body of a 16 year old girl. Entertaining throughout with lots of good supporting roles. Loads of adventure and action, and some of the photography is stunning.
Cooper and cast did a fairly nice job with this film. Absorbing plot line kept me interested--the perfect mix of possibility and impossibility.
Good acting all around. Not usually a Gyllenhaal fan, but liked him a lot in this. Vera Farmiga was just perfect. A few tedious parts, but overall excellent.
Not a follower of the Narnia saga, but found this fairly full of adventure and escapism. Not 1st rate, but definitely worth seeing.
A thoroughly entertaining ride with the small exception of Frank Langella's role (a bit unbelievable in an otherwise believable script). Standout role by Bruno Ganz as Cold War relic.
Definitely an excellent performance by Firth. As an Anglophile, I found the subject matter interesting, but it did have the feel of a film specifically developed to please the Academy and garner Oscar wins.
Just saw this for the 2nd time and loved it just as much. Well-developed elements of human emotion draw you to the animated characters as though they're real people. Very clever script.
The premise was a little awkward at first, but more believable as the film went on. Chemistry between Damon and Blunt seemed untrue to me, but liked both actors despite that. Enjoyed humor between Damon and the Bureau men.
Not sure why this film was somewhat unsatisfying. Was mesmerized by Hedlund's performance; others were passable, but some key ingredient was missing. Maybe Paltrow wasn't diva-like enough for the role?
Reminiscent of the old classics like Charade. Plot not particularly clever, ending predictable, but offering major actors beautifully filmed, stunning cinematography of Venice and enjoyable escapism.
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