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Taylor Swift
Great album, it gets bad reviwes because of people who dislike her, but don't actually listen to the music. You have to take into account it's written by an 18 year old girl who sings about love
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Taylor swift may be an icon for teenage girls, but actually some guys do enjoy her music even if they cant relate to it. she also has somewhat of a country style to her, which not many young singers have today so thats why i like her :D
Taylor Swift has been successfully exploiting teenage girls for years now. She has made a career out of writing dumb ass little love songs for middle school kids. This album is crap. Pure, unadulterated crap.
love taylor swift, shes so amazing:)
There are a couple good songs, but this is mostly a yawn-worthy teen pop/country album. The saccharine-sweetness becomes grating after a while, even on the few decent songs.
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