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DOA is so bad it makes Uwe Boll movies look good. It is nonsensical, horribly acted, terribly choreographed and an a disaster of film making in every possible sense. How bad is DOA? Well, I heard even Uwe Boll cringed while watching it.
Ravenous is an interesting project to say the least. The film doesn't seem to know if it wants to be a dark comedy or a serious attempt at horror and after watching it I'm kind of at a loss to understand if I really liked it or not.
Wonderful pacing, acting and directing make this an enjoyable film through and through, simply put its one of the best sports movies in years. While the film holds no surprises it does a great job of making you emotionally invest in the characters.
The Virgin Spring is the inspiration behind Wes Craven's The Last House on the Left. The film is well paced, has some excellent acting and delivers an engaging tale. While not as grisly as Craven's interpretation the film is still brutal in tone.
On one hand I want to trash Bayonetta for being so Japanese but that aspect is exactly what kept me playing. The insane story mixed with tried and true gameplay mechanics works quite well but this game will not be for everyone, not by a long shot.
Don Bluth's animated classic about a Russian mouse that has lost his family on his way to America, still holds up to this day. The animation is some of the best of its era, the music (by James Horner) is top notch and the story is timeless.
Martyrs is a revenge film, a soul crushing torture film, and a glimpse into what people will do to prove that the "other side" exists. For the most part it does its job but at times it does tend to feel disjointed, which knocks it down a peg.
Jack Ketchum has a knack for relating thoughts and ideas that are in another realm of brutality and violence. However his knack for extreme depravity does not translate well for this film, which is a shame because it started with some great promise.
There is nothing to like here. The performances are awful, the special effects are awful and it is neither scary nor funny. You can do far better, both for real horror and B grade films, than what this adaptation offers.
Where Get Shorty felt fresh, Be Cool feels tired. Its the same jokes in the same story told over again with different characters in a different entertainment industry.
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead is a special piece of film. Filled with excellent performances by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke and Albert Finney, Sidney Lumet's non-linear heist film is a fantastically thrilling piece of cinema.
I am not a big fan of mob movies but this film took the concept in a completely different direction with fantastic results. The ensemble cast (led by John Travolta and Gene Hackman) was excellent and the humor was spot on. Well worth a viewing.
For a film with such a great title, this is neither disturbing in its depravity or titillating in its delivery. Clinical and boring in its approach this film may very well be only be for psychopaths with a sexual dysfunction.
The Return of the Living Dead franchise is one with a few mild highs and some abysmal lows. Rave to the Grave is a low point and hopefully the end of this zombie franchise. Really there is nothing new here except for a hitchhiking zombie.
Despite being labeled as a Val Kilmer film he hardly appears in it at all. That's probably a good thing because this is made for TV horror. Why Sam Rami attached his name to this is beyond me because it is a complete and utter mess.
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