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In an attempt to shock the music buying public into recognizing they still exist, Buckcherry has dropped a new EP F**k. Every song contains the word f**k in the title, unfortunately five of the six songs stink and the other song is reworked cover.
As a society we are enamored with celebrity, following their every move. Antiviral is the chilling first film from director Brandon Cronenberg, that takes celebrity worship to a whole new, disgusting level.
'30 Minutes or Less' is a comedy that is devoid of laughs. Jesse Eisenberg does the best he can do with the overly desperate script but his charm is foiled at every turn by Danny McBride, who may very well be the worst comedic actor going today.
War in the North is the perfect example of wasted potential. Despite an interesting use of the movie license and some excellent visuals, developer Snowblind fails where it really counts, gameplay.
Djimon Hounsou and Kevin Bacon star in this action film about Thai sex trafficking. Ridiculous at nearly every turn, Hounsou's natural charm and Bacon, sporting a hysterical English accent, make this a highly flawed but ultimately fun film.
Thirst is a high concept vampire film from the director of Oldboy (Chan-wook Park). Unfortunately while the concept of a priest becoming a vampire is fantastic, the execution is scattershot and the back half is near unwatchable.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution tries to do a lot of things, unfortunately it does none of them particularly well. But the sociopolitical story that backdrops the experience is intriguing and might be enough for some to ignore the mediocre mechanics.
Drawing inspiration from the likes of Super Mario Bros. and Dr. Who, Robots and Racecars deliver the slickly produced "Rage Quit", an all around excellent piece of pop rock.
Much like Cuba Gooding Jr.'s career post "Jerry Maguire" there isn't much to say about this tepid, by-the-numbers thriller. Gooding Jr.'s performance is so hammy that he makes Christian Slater, who plays a gun toting priest, seem normal.
It is odd that a film leaves me dumbfounded and questioning why it exists at all. In that regard Tetsuo: The Iron Man is something different. It is also an incomprehensible and depraved mess with no redeeming quality outside of its strangeness.
While not as visually impressive as its two predecessors (Suspiria and Inferno), Mother of Tears tells a stronger, more coherent story. This ultimately makes for a more enjoyable film watching experience than Argento's two "masterworks".
Cabin Fever 2 is not funny, scary or gross instead it is just bad horror and it is inferior in every way to its predecessor. The film is devoid of the original's sarcastic gallows humor and it lacks the stylistic approach to gore that Roth brings.
"The Burrowers" is one of those rare attempts to blend a historical setting with a horror story and it doesn't work, pleasing neither fans of horror or of westerns. The film's pacing is slow and the scares are shallow at best making it just a bore.
It is rare that I can find nothing good about a film. "The Doom Generation" is one of those films. It is riddled with pointless sex and violence and while that may have been the actual point, to show our desensitization, I just didn't get it.
Asylum has all the makings of a solid horror film, cute girls, a creepy locale and a legitimately scary antagonist. Unfortunately Asylum does not evoke any scares unless you are horrified of boredom and in this case case you may die from it.
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