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Hilarious. Not just your everyday blacksploitation parody.
Slightly predictable but supremely entertaining.
A fine film, just not as funny as you'd hope walking into it. Though there are bits that make you laugh this movie is more of a romantic comedy. Inspiring and enjoyable, though!
An otherwise predictable artificial slapstick comedy is almost saved by a great performance by Simon Pegg.
Hilarious adventure filled with some crude humor and Puff Daddy actually being funny. Though the plot is very linear, and you're not quite sure what life lessons you've learned at the end, it's a trip to watch.
A showcase of Kevin Spacey's and Jeff Bridges' talents in some intriguing characters. Great sort of mystery/scifi film that leaves you wondering, and almost wishing. Complimented very nicely by Edward Shearmur's best musical score.
This film highlights the real life aspects, emotions, and traumas of an abduction story rather than the fantasy. Though actual sci-fi sequences are sparse, they are convincing especially if you remember the movie is entirely based on true accounts.
For any sci-fi/alien fan, this mini-series is very satisfying, despite dated fx. Full of conspiracies and outlining the story through a few generations of characters you get to know intimately. Next time this replays on SyFy, DVR all 10 chapters!
A perfectly entertaining movie that offers flawless action, comedy and a little bit of sex. The movie's surprisingly interesting characters and their stories separate it from the mindset you walk into it with, and keeps you rooting for the good guys.
A below average action movie with no involved plot movement that hardly keeps you interested. With poor acting and writing, and *cough* Marlon Wayans, the movies only redeeming quality was it's eye catching special effects.
Highly entertaining to watch, and visually eye candy, but just seems short. It doesn't end early, but the main conflict doesn't seem to last long enough for us to get into it. Would be useful to bear in mind its younger target audience.
A severely convincing and almost inspiring yet depressing post-apocalyptic environment really sets the mood for this new chapter in the Terminator series, where Christian Bale yet again strongly performs as a leader figure and reinvents the saga.
Well done, with an immersive dark mood and setting straight from the video game, and Mark Wahlberg plays the character perfectly, but the plot-line is lacking in convincing character buildup leaving a over-dramatized feeling and a few cheesy moments.
George Clooney and Brad Pitt especially offer great performances in this very weird yet rewarding movie about an ambitious woman who is convinced she has her hands on sensitive government information. The movie may leave you confused but smiling.
Hysterical movie surrounding the inner workings and supposed price-fixing conspiracies in the global corn industry. Matt Damon perfectly plays the role of an awkward and confused manipulator, who you really can't figure out until it's too late.
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