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You know those jokes that people make at parties that you don't get, but everyone around you starts laughing about? This is the joke. Watch this. You will be a better person for it.
This movie is one of those rare, cinematic gems. A better director would have ruined it with a tongue in cheek attempt at "so bad its good," but Nguyen perfects it with his earnestly awful script and painfully long driving scenes. + RiffTrax
Oh hey, Cusak was still a big name in 2007. The horror felt like repackaged, predictable bs. A lot of effort was made to create a foreboding mood, but it wound up making the movie extra long, and the reveals just weren't scary enough.
An action film attempting to be a cerebral thriller, it succeeds decently as an action flick, but don't think too hard about it, or you'll uncover all the sloppily concealed plot holes.
Understandably, actors leave shows, but there's a contextually appropriate way to ditch them, and then there's Satisfaction. Season one is a fun romp, season two loses the plot.
Camelot stars an androgynous lesbian as an adolescent King Arthur in this modern twist on the classic coming of age tale.
With his usual foul mouthed dose of reality, Ramsay's UK show adds the needed extra insight and soft touch of his narration with this well produced reality hit. If you enjoy his US shows but find them a bit too formulaic, you'll love this one.
For a movie full of incredible action, this one is forgettable and feels every minute of its nearly three hours. With bizarre, unnecessary plot asides (Wang? Really?), and twists that only serve to turn the plot to swiss cheese, I give it a 2.5.
For the novelty of seeing explicit sex that is not at all sexy, and the funniest slow motion cum shot you will ever see, check this one out.
While there are a few inexcusable plot issues, this is a great addition to the x-men movie franchise. Fassbender is brilliant as magneto. The film is a lot of fanservice, but GOOD fanservice. It shies away from kiddie x-men, and is overall very fun.
The Marvel trend continues and does not disappoint. Newcomer Hemsworth plays a worthy Thor. Kat Dennings is refreshing as a sexy comic relief. Portman is her usual sweet waif. Idris Elba as himself. A tough story for screen, the directors do it well.
As the story continues in the third installment of the series, Martin continues to deliver. Pieces begin to fall into place, but the story doesn't skimp on surprises and twists. All in all, a great read.
Excusing Bale's over the top growl, this film is utterly amazing. Ledger's performance steals the show. A pity we'll never see the Joker and Harley Quinn in this universe. Ledger's untimely death was tragic, and a terrible loss for film.
The final book in the long and wonderful series, the threads start to show a bit. Straddling the line between pretend horror and real horror is tough, especially for a young audience. Still, Rowling does justice to the series in her last installment.
A gritty, scathing social commentary, the Wire can be at times difficult to watch, but well worth the effort for those willing to give it a try. Each season tackles a different theme with different character focus (though the old standbys remain).
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