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Never let the truth get in the way of a good story seems to be Fincher's mantra. That being said, the story is indeed entertaining and makes for a fun watch. Take it with a grain of salt (or five), and enjoy the ride.
This bizarre, campy tv series starts off with a bewildering barrage of characters before it really hits its groove. Kai, the undead warrior, Stanley the craven pilot and Xev the quasi sex slave (along with her pet robot head) make up the odd cast.
Dark and refreshingly adult take on the classic Batman. Set in an art deco gotham, the sleek yet gritty animation style and surprisingly disturbing plot themes will have you hooked.
This smart, grown-up cartoon is full of satire and wit. While not a major success when it first aired, several feature-length movies have been released, and the series has since been re-launched with the original cast, and rightfully so.
This series' strength lies in its characters. Interesting and sympathetic, they carry the show long after it becomes apparent the writers either hate their audience or have absolutely no idea how to write themselves out of their many plot holes.
This brilliant sci-fi drama holds strong up until the last season or two. The series is smart, sexy and had the best toys on TV for half a decade. It loses its way near the end, but you'll probably want to watch all the way through.
With a fabulous cast of characters, this movie is a cult favorite for a good reason. Just the right mix of action, drama and humor make the 'Saints' great fun to watch.
Weeds begins strongly enough, but gets old around season five. Justin Kirk as Uncle Andy is the real star of the series. A dark and scathing critique of suburban life, this show is great fun for a little while until it gets a bit too ridiculous.
Over the top violence and sex are the icing on the cake to this well written and plotted story of ancient Rome. With scandal, intrigue and political machinations, this series is a wonderful romp with a fab cast. Sit back and enjoy the spectacle.
This faithful adaptation of Stephen King's book is worth the look if you're a fan of hilariously bad movies. Alien ass invaders, bathroom malfunctions, possession and more. Morgan Freeman stars. King claimed he wrote the story while on painkillers.
Impeccably scripted semi-autobiographical comedy series from Stephen Moffat. The humor is dirty without being raunchy, and it never crosses the line into stereotypes. All of the character remain real and heartfelt. It ends nicely and completely.
Though it borders on slapstick at times, this series is well worth the look if you're a fan of situational british comedy. Unlike its US counterparts, this show knows you're already in on the joke and doesn't patronize its audience.
Idris Elba delivers with a strong cast in this BBC crime drama. Though it has its share of weak points, this series is well worth a look for the highly entertaining dynamic between psychopath Alice and brooding DCI Luther.
Second in the Fire and Ice series, this book packs a punch with political intrigues, vicious battle maneuvers and page turning cliffhangers. If you like to devour your 900~ page novels, ensure you've got this on hand before you've finished the first.
With a refreshing narration style, a large and fascinating cast of characters, this epic saga will appeal to fans of historical and fantasy stories alike. It can be a bit tough to get through the first chapter, but once in, good luck getting out.
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