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A modern adaptation of Les Liaisons dangereuses, this film became one of the defining teen movies of the 90's and early 2000's. Though imperfect, it is a legitimately dark film worthy of a watch.
Goldman's take on absurd fantasy has become a cultural rite of passage for American children growing up in the eighties. Sword fights, giants, adventure, torture, pirates, and the occasional kiss make up this timeless classic.
Bursting with camp, this update on the classic stays true to its roots, replete with low budget villains and gassy aliens. Eccleston, Tenant and Smith have become "the doctors" for a new generation. Forgive the CGI and plot holes and enjoy.
While I don't think I'll ever not enjoy something Stephen Moffat is involved in, the scripting is occasionally lackluster in this modern revamp. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman make a fantastic duo, thoroughly cementing the show.
Like many tv shows, Supernatural hits its stride in the second season. Sam and Dean have great banter, and the monster of the week stories are tremendous fun. The supporting characters are equally likable and provide ample entertainment.
Following Toni Braxton and her sisters, this reality series is a hilarious alternative to the Kardashians. Where Kim and family can get annoying and heavily scripted, the Braxtons seem refreshingly genuine.
A worthy addition to the Avengers series, and arguably better than the first Thor movie. Loki truly shines as a trickster god. A competent mix of science and magic makes it surprisingly plausible. Good pacing and plot make it a solid four stars.
HBO never fails to disappoint with well-acted, decently plotted pornography. True Blood is no exception. While vampires doin' it requires a fairly extraordinary suspension of disbelief, the characters are colorful and plenty.
If ever a book needed an editor... this is it. Too many authors feel compelled to dump all their research into the book. The premise is good (indeed, his series is built on it), but is overwhelmed with too much exposition in the second half.
An entertaining film that tries too hard to be something it isn't. The cast makes the rather flat script shine, and is worth watching for that reason alone. Half tourism promotion for Bruges, half black comedy, it's good if you need to kill an hour.
Twilight is an objectively bad series, but its popularity is undeniable. Harkness clearly took that lesson to heart with her novel. The protagonist is a Mary Sue modeled after the author, and she manages to make the supernatural superboring.
Gaiman is a master story teller, and he doesn't disappoint in his latest novella. His talent for drawing on our collective memories and weaving them into unique stories shines in this one. If you're a fan, pick it up.
Without a doubt my favorite television series to date. Dylan Moran is brilliant as chain-smoking alcoholic Bernard Black. He and his partners in comedy make the petty, antagonistic characters uniquely charming.
I didn't think I'd enjoy this show, but turns out I was completely wrong. I was looking for something to tide me over after White Collar, and I discovered I love this more. If you're a fan of con artists / sting shows, this is up your alley.
A documentary about a group of friends living in Philadelphia. Though dark at times (drug abuse, mental illness, struggles with poverty and alcoholism), for these troubled people, it is always sunny in spite of everything.
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