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This is a French film which I had doubts on watching. But I'm glad I did. This movie breaks the cliche that only men can be violent. This movies shows the rage a woman can display when she really wants something.
Any movie that can spark so much emotion out of me as to cause me to tear, deserves a perfect score. A classic that never gets old, neither does its message.
Had a lot of anecdotes to keep you laughing but was disappointed overall, I wanted to see cameron diaz get her come uppings, instead she gets away with everything and doesnt learn a lesson.
The acting was on par, so was the story line, but i hoped for a better ending.
The critics gave this a bad rating, only because most critics are men. Besides some of the amateurish acting, this movie was excellent. At least to me it was. Watch this with your girlfriend.
Powerful movie. makes you think about this country. i thought carrie-anne moss was a lil weak, the ending could have been better but for the most part, excellent movie.
Bad rip off of the grudge. The original is from the Philippines but i heard this remake was a step up from the original, so that should tell you something.
I was expecting a teen movie with a cliche message and i got what i expected but had its subtle twist that i enjoyed, mainly 50 cent banging a teenage HOT white girl :)
The acting was good, but this movie was a complete waste of time. A snuff film in the tradition of saw.If you like gore this is for you, but the plot was weak. just terrible.
This movie is a different type of horror movie, there were a few parts that could have been left out, but other than than, its a decent horror movie. Well worth watching due to the fact that it was inspired by true events.
The graphics are a little bit rough, which is the only thing keeping me from giving it a perfect score. Loads of fun as well as options.
They keep making the storyline shorter to focus on online play. I miss the old ways of long story lines.
Enough of this ending with a twist, I would have preferred the ending as is, without the hocus pocus mind trip. oh well.
This has to be the worse horror movie ever made, which is supported by the worse acting ever!
This movie is the blueprint for almost all major sci-fi movies of today. to me this movie is extremely important. Notice all the occult symbolism in this movie.
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