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Entertaining with an evolving storyline. The benefit to having short seasons really helps keep viewers engaged with content-packed episodes throughout.
Hits every goal they aimed for. A funny, simple b-movie version of Friday.
An enjoyable movie with lots of humorous moments. The dialogue was natural and the protagonists did a fantastic job. The sappy parts where predictable and boring, but it's easy to forget about those parts. Shaun White was also enjoyable.
Based on the most boring of ideas, fantasy football, this show brings new hilarity to every episode.
Simple plot and well acted but the story line moves entirely too slow.
DEP hasn't missed a beat since changing their line up! Excellent arrangements and progressive metal at its core, truly pushing the limits of what a 5 piece band can accomplish.
This album is filled with melodic, drawn out songs that tend to leave you wondering where this is going. Sadly, nowhere fast.
Just as great as the others in the series. Of particular note is how the human antagonist is situated to deserve our pity but doesn't.
A great album from beginning to end but with a notable 'watered down' feel from their previous albums lacking the intensity many of their older songs had.
Entertaining, enjoyable and a great listen but lacks the cohesiveness and drive of other albums.
The most defensible account of US history today. Taken entirely from letters and journals of the past and read by celebrities, this movie offers the information to the viewer with no slant and allows you to make up your mind.
Lots of funny parts but nothing really memorable. Outside the three protagonists, the other characters really lacked.
Quality Disney movie
My daughter and I love this movie because the soundtrack and story tell the classic Disney Princess story in an updated way relevant to today's more diverse way of living.
Somewhat slow moving but very thought provoking, very well acted and strikes an emotional chord like few movies can.
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