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Oddly, this game has better, or at least more enjoyable driving physics than the final version of GT5. Not a huge car or track selection, but what it does have is very well executed.
After years of anticipation this game is pretty disappointing. It has some nice features, rallies, night racing, rain, go-karts. However none of that makes up for the really basic modeling on the majority of the cars, or the weird physics.
Fixes most of the issues with 3, better graphics, better sound, better physics. Active aero, flames from the exhaust, more dust and smoke. Much more of a complete game than GT5 and better overall. What it lacks is Porsche.
One of the greatest television shows of all time. They need to bring it back.
The best overall driving/racing sim available for console. The graphics aren't as photorealistic as GT5, and RacePro might be a more hardcore sim, but neither is as complete. 500+ cars and a pretty well rounded selection, could use more classics.
As a big fan of the King Arthur story I was excited about this series, and it starts of fairly strong, but by the end of the first season you wonder if there will be a 2nd. Also clearly working with a smaller budget than Game of Thrones
Great book series to turn into a show, and HBO has the budget to do it right, with higher quality in sets and wardrobe than you'll see in most movies. The first season was enough for me to buy the first 4 books as well.
Definitely one of the better crime shows on, not as light and not as much humor as a lot of the others. Also more suspenseful than most.
Surreal and amazing journey that transcends time, culture and the human condition and takes you all over the world. Fantasy/sci-fi elements as well. Just read it, pretty hard to categorize. If you've read Burroughs before you know what I mean.
First novel from the comic writer and columnist. Kind of a modern take on Noir detective stories which also touches on lots of formerly obscure subcultures and how they've been influenced by the information age. Almost too short though.
One of the worst movies I've ever seen, dialogue that's embarrassing to hear, and overall so bad that I rated it 0 stars despite Rose McGowan being naked in it.
I've seen this countless times and never get tired of it, I really can't think of many movies that are better executed.
This movie delivers comedy start to finish. I actually had much lower expectations of it based on the original trailers since most comedies these days really fall short on their promise of laughs. Not this one, great cast too.
A Robert Rodriguez movie, that alone is enough reason to see it, and this is one of the better ones. In my opinion Once Upon a Time in Mexico is even better though.
Another mystery/cop show and dark comedy, but more interesting than most of them. Dr. Brenner is also a pretty unique and endearing character, being extremely literal and emotionally closed off, but also brilliant with a good sense of humor.
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