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I don't know why so many people rag on this game. Great single player campaign, and a fantastic multiplayer experience. Holds up wonderfully years after its release, which is more than I can say for a lot of games.
A reasonable, if predictable, family movie. The animation is top notch though, and it tickles the nostalgia.
A simple yet memorable indie first person adventure. Despite being incredibly short, this little gem has been eating my brain since I played it. A fantastic 15 minutes of (free!) fun.
An excellent evolution of the original game. Fixed the things that were wonky with its predecessor, while adding some new features. Overall game play wasn't as terrifying as I remember, but certain sequences ratcheted the tension through the roof.
An excellent platformer where the 3D actually improves the experience. The first 8 worlds are far too easy, however the difficulty ramps up in the 8 special worlds, although never quite reaching the level of the classic games. A must play for fans.
A good, if wholly predictable, family movie. Having swam with dolphins in the past, I can't help but be in awe of the creatures. My wife cried at parts, which is the mark of a good movie for her.
A time loop mystery movie with plenty of intrigue and an extremely human element. Jake Gyllenhaal is great in his role, while the supporting cast doesn't get in the way. Some holes exist in the story, but the plot is brisk enough to overcome them.
Excellent baseball drama that resonates with fans (me) and non-fans (my wife) alike. We spent 20 minutes on Wikipedia after the movie learning more about Billy Beane and the A's once it was done - a sign of a great flick.
One of the most unique games that you'll ever play. A wonderful blend of story told through an always-present narrator and beautiful music. There is just enough action to keep things interesting, but it's really not the main focus of the experience.
An excellent addition to the series, although with a slightly less stellar plot than it's predecessor. Improved combat - both gunplay and fisticuffs - and always awesome platforming. Amazing artwork, locales, and characters.
Diablo II clone that is more grindy than fun. Endless repetitive enemies, slow progress, mountains of useless loot, and and terrible inventory system conspire to bore the player to tears. Setting is nice, but not enough to save this mess of a game.
A competent twin stick shooter that does a great job of channeling the 40K universe into video game format. A few frustrating sections, but more than made up for by the wild couch co-op experience. Big, loud, and obnoxious.
Sci fi action-platformer reminiscent of the Uncharted series. Evolving combat never got old, thanks to the progressive upgrade system. Tiny cast, but all three characters were well-acted and endearing. Powerful, thought-provoking ending. A surprise.
A really interesting world and plot, hampered by terrible hand to hand combat sequences and barely adequate shooting. I wanted to love this game, but the actual act of playing was painfully awful.
ET for those who were kids when the original came out in 1982 and want something fresh and updated on the same theme. A good mix of military conspiracy and hidden monster menace, with an excellent emotional payoff.
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