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Malcolm in the Middle
His older brother's been shipped to a military academy; his younger brother is a wound-up oddball; and his parents are constantly bickering. Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) is starting to think he may be the only normal one in his family! Using direct camera address, wide-angle distortion and a machine-gun delivery, this popular Emmy-winning sitcom happily pulls no punches when lampooning the dysfunctional family.
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Comedy, TV
Best show ever. Good character development and I'm so gay for reese, no pedo. Perfect portrayal of a typical family, except with a crazy mom.
Pretty much my favorite TV show ever. Unlike most series, I didn't feel it got moderately worse over time. The acting by the main cast is pretty spot on and the humor is usually clever. The series at least knew when to end before it got overly stale.
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