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In this indie horror offering from writer-directors Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton, a small team of explorers heads into the New Hampshire wilderness to investigate an unexplained disappearance that happened some 70 years earlier. No one knows why the residents of Friar made a collective decision to leave their homes -- without their money, their clothes or a word about where they'd gone. But the truth could be stranger than fiction.
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Horror, Indie, Supernatural, Thriller
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If you need to be taken by the hand through a story, it's not for you. What's wrong with going down the rabbit hole? It's a HORROR MOVIE and the rabbits are scary, damn it. But if you think there's no meaning in it, you stopped listening.
The beginning is excellent, building up the suspense - and the acting is good. Unfortunately at a certain point it goes down the rabbit hole and never comes back. Without a good conclusion the rest of the film is meaningless.
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