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A Dangerous Method
In this David Cronenberg-helmed biopic, Viggo Mortensen stars as Sigmund Freud, whose relationship with fellow psychology luminary Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) is tested when Sabina Spielrein (Keira Knightley), one of the first female psychoanalysts, enters their lives. This World War I-set drama also stars Vincent Cassel as Otto Gross, a disciple of Freud, and Sarah Gadon, who plays Jung's psychoanalyst wife.
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Interesting characters and well done photography, but unfortunately ruined by a plot that jumped wildly around and never really established a pace. I'm into this kind of historical drama, but there wasn't enough history or drama for me.
Keira Knightley portrays a nymphomaniac/masochist in a much too psychotic way and her face only shows pain during the encounters.
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