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I have nothing bad to say about this game. The interesting and fun story, unique graphical style, and amazingly fun and un-grindy gameplay win out over my usual JRPG wariness. Why can't Final Fantasy be more like this?
Looks very pretty. Other than that, it's a terrible excuse for an Ace Combat game. Story and characters are generic and bland. The "Action Button" mechanic takes all the skill out of dogfights, but if you don't use it the game punishes you.
Odd action-RPG that wears its Team Ico influence on its sleeve. The story is surprising, involving, and harsh. Simple but fun action gameplay, blessedly no grinding. Excellent music with lots of track mixing. Strong architecture, but muddy graphics.
A really beautiful, cohesive world which gives you very little of interest to do. There are elaborate systems for cooking, item construction, and such, but in practice they're just grinding; the same is true of combat. Not enough variance.
Jackie Chan in a surprisingly dramatic (yet still humorous) role. Less martial artsy action than I was expecting, but still enough to satisfy. The overall plot was quite interesting. My only real issue was with the stereotypical "barbarians".
A Treasure game through-and-through: short, frantic yet precise and balanced gameplay, a strangely compelling visual theme, and a story like a bad anime. Loved the bosses in particular. I do wish the character designs were a little better.
Same beautiful rice-paper graphics as the original Okami. Unfortunately, it also has the same flaws: bad dialogue, trivial puzzles, and no real innovation on the Zelda scheme other than the brush. Play Spirit Tracks instead.
Hated this the first time I saw it, but loved it the second. The characters are all assholes (except the one that is absent for almost the whole movie), but the premise and gags make up for that in spades.
Very much like Shaun of the Dead for its respective genre, and that's a good thing. Drags in the middle, but the really intense and satisfying finale makes up for it.
Deeper than it seems at first, with a consistently rough tone. My favorite work by both Norton and Pitt. The ending will make you want to watch the whole thing again to see what stuff really meant.
Nothing is more annoying than a story with a protagonist whose only flaw is being too awesome.
An action game focused on close-up combat and timed evasion. Well-balanced, challenging gameplay throughout. The main character design is problematic (pure male gaze), but at least they make it a proper part of her personality. Story silly but fun.
Slow-paced fiddly battles, weak writing, a bog-standard story, and poor artwork. The voice acting is okay at best. I liked the plot conceit of death-clocks, but nothing else about this game is worth your time. Go play The World Ends With You instead.
Makes good use of its arcadey physics for a variety of levels and situations. The world and story is surprisingly fleshed-out, particularly the hand-drawn scenes showing a civilian's perspective on the war. The main theme is still stuck in my head.
What can I say, this is a classic for a reason. Playing on the computer, I did kind of miss Dr. Wright from the SNES version.
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