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The video game this was based off of was better and actually ended up feeling more like a movie than the actual film
I've reviewed all of these great classic games, but this is a detour. This is possibly the worst game ever created. It's like a small child's play toy, endless mundane nonsense. You fly through circles for approximately 20 hours. That's it.
A blast to the past and the pioneer of online gaming on consoles. An extremely addictive online action RPG that although very simple will rarely ever bore you. Unfortunately, it can't be played online anymore. This review is basically a homage.
The major con about this game is not related to the game, but the subhuman cess pool that is the online community. The game itself is enjoyable, albeit not much different from it's predecessor. If choosing between L4D and L4D2, buy this one.
One of the best RPGs on the PS2. Excellent cast with very good voice acting, and a fantastic, very fun battle system along with a new game+ system that makes beating the game all over again worth your time!
More or less, the only outstanding RPG for the Xbox 360. There is a Japanese only port for the PS3 that has more features, but that doesn't take away from the original version. Brilliant music, excellent, lovable characters and a great plot.
The PS3 version lacks many development flaws of the 360 version, first off. As for the game, a very enjoyable action RPG that borrows from games like Devil May Cry and the Zelda series. Very enjoyable combat and replay friendly. Worth $60.
Absolutely gorgeous game, it's no PS3 graphics, but the style of the art doesn't need to be. Fun, lighthearted story, expected of Mario, and a fun, replayable experience. A classic, must play on the Wii.
Not as tournament friendly as Melee, but more to do in single player and an enjoyable, friendly online community. Easily one of if not the best game on the Wii.
Overhyped to the extreme. Fun, very easy to play FPS, but balanced nearly to the point of boredom, and very repetitive. Cheap tactics galore. Single player isn't the selling point but in my opinion is the best part of the game. Brilliant.
Definitely the most immersive multiplayer FPS to date. Very fun, hundreds of hours of content and nearly unlimited fun potential. Single player is lacking, and the multiplayer is somewhat imbalanced.
Easily the best stealth game ever. One of the best musical scores of the PS2 and a wonderful, action packed story that will leave you on the edge of your seat.
In my opinion the best of the three main games, every other game went downhill from the original. One of the major defining console FPS games.
Better than the original in every way; gameplay, graphics, story, music. Adds a fun multiplayer mode, though somewhat repetitive and not much incentive to continue playing it. A must buy for sure. Will leave you lusting for the third game.
A brilliant third person shooter. Easily the best story of a shooter in many years, and one of the best looking console games. A must buy for the PS3.
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