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Choose your luxury item, cook up a big bowl of rice and head for Borneo to re-live the first season of one of reality TV's all-time hits. Join larger-than-life contestants like Richard Hatch, Rudy Boesch, Jenna Lewis, Sue Hawk, Kelly Wiglesworth and Colleen Haskell (as well as perennial host Jeff Probst) as they compete in reward and immunity challenges, form alliances and backstab like nobody's business at tribal council. It's TV gold!
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After only half a season, I'm completely hooked. Strategy, relationship skills, physical stamina and mental strength all come into play. You quickly attach to favorite players and passionately despise others. Armchair quarterbacking at its best.
I've watched a few seasons and enjoy seeing the contestants scheme and plot against one another - backstabbing and forming alliances. The quality of each season completely depends on the cast of course - so some are more entertaining than others.
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