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At upscale brothel 232, five high-class escorts and their manager struggle to straighten out their personal lives while juggling an array of peculiar, needy customers in this edgy Australian drama. In the show's premiere season, Mel (Madeleine West) entertains a cocky rock star, Heather (Peta Sergeant) considers conception and Lauren (Alison Whyte) copes with a crumbling marriage. Bojana Novakovic, Diana Glenn and Kestie Morassi also star.
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Drama, Foreign, TV
Understandably, actors leave shows, but there's a contextually appropriate way to ditch them, and then there's Satisfaction. Season one is a fun romp, season two loses the plot.
Who doesnt want to take a peek at the going ons of an australian brothel, love the characters but season two was a let down
Pretty much like Nip/Tuck with a little more nudity (Australian show) and a different line of work.
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