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The Brave Little Toaster
After being left in a cabin by their owner, an intrepid group of household appliances, headed by a courageous toaster, makes it their mission to track down the man who abandoned them in this animated adventure in the vein of The Incredible Journey. Conceived by sci-fi scribe Thomas M. Disch, this unique and entertaining film has the stalwart appliances trying to survive in the big, bad city. Will they make it, and will their owner welcome them back?
Synopsis compliments of Netflix
Adventure, Animation, Children, Comedy
Annoying junk journeys to get back to their owner who left them because they're lonely despite having eachothers company. If junk like that turned up in my house, I'd be pissed.
I loved this movie as a kid, and I love it even more as an adult. A beautiful story about cute little appliances on a journey to find their master. Anyone who doesn't like this movie has a heart of coal. You know who you are
Several times as a child I was forced to watch this classic Disney film in school, and absolutely hated it. I always cheered for the giant magnet to get the toaster, he was far too chipper. Much like Tweety Bird and Sylvester The Cat. Go Sylvester!
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