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Crippled ex-Marine Jake (Sam Worthington) journeys to the beautiful planet Pandora to become an avatar -- a quasi-alien "clone" of his real self -- and unwittingly becomes involved in an interstellar conflict. When the alien Na'vi race rebels against humanity's unchecked exploitation of Pandora's resources, Jake must decide exactly where his loyalties lie. James Cameron directs this dazzling action film that also stars Sigourney Weaver.
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Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
amazing film but too long
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i like this movie
ya,it really short.
All the lighting with the new scenery is great, interesting and fresh. Mystical new world in Pandora that we haven't seen before is facinating to witness. Great film :)
EPIC enough said
It's really well done, but it's nothing out of this world. The plot is nothing new but it cashed in for the CGI, the 3D glasses and its director. It's not bad, but not the best movie ever or best in 2009.
Besides being plagiarized from a novella, and some lines are Corney, the story line is excellent. I didn't like that there was no background story to Pandora, but maybe there will be in the sequel
One thing I really like about this movie is how creative it was. A whole world with different creatures and a language. I love things like that. The story was also pretty good.
One of the worst films I have ever paid to see. Cloying, simplistic, hackneyed. Use of the term "unobtanium" to describe the precious metal being stolen from the blue people, I think, sums up this disaster of a film perfectly.
Just another cheesy action movie in my opinion..
All style, literally no substance. It's officially my worst movie of 2009.
Love the scenery and thought the plot was pretty good. I thought some parts were drawn out and some too predictable, overall I really enjoyed it.
I almost balled my eyes out 5 times. Almost. Beautiful movie, very inspiring.
There were several climactic situations built over an array of scenes forcing you to draw your own parallels and, possibly intentionally, after a point was made, the movie would lull, as if to give the audience a chance to process everything.
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