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The Help
In 1960s Jackson, Miss., aspiring writer Eugenia Phelan crosses taboo racial lines by conversing with Aibileen Clark about her life as a housekeeper, and their ensuing friendship upsets the fragile dynamic between the haves and the have-nots. When other long-silent black servants begin opening up to Eugenia, the disapproving conservative Southern town soon gets swept up in the turbulence of changing times.
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Comedy, Drama
An unsettling look at racism and segregation in 1960's Mississippi. Almost painful to watch at times, but in a good way. Searing and heartfelt, my wife and I had to pause a few times to gather our thoughts. How was this normal only 50 years ago?
A delight from start to finish. Casting is perfect! Compelling story and true-to-life characters you wish you really knew. Loved every minute.
Not as funny as the trailer portrayed, but a touching drama about 60s southern racial dynamics. The cast was chosen well, and I thought the humorous yet human way Jessica Chastain portrayed a new-money socialite was outstanding.
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