Nicely paced with a story that balanced emotion and adrenaline-pumping action very well. Zoe Saldana was perfect for the role, and the rest of the cast was good too. Only bad thing was using Johnny Cash - Hurt as a closing song.
All the adorable little graphics of evil gap-jawed aliens were great. Many many different things to upgrade and try out. However, the core tower defense thing was pretty ordinary, and the game is way too unforgiving of money mismanagement.
Not the classic Statham action. Instead, had a bit more of a story and emotional charge than his usual. Really good movie though, just needed about 20 more minutes to further develop the story.
Great book series to turn into a show, and HBO has the budget to do it right, with higher quality in sets and wardrobe than you'll see in most movies. The first season was enough for me to buy the first 4 books as well.
Fairly fun indie game, though I wish the Princess Rush game mode didn't allow players to steal from each other - it changes the tone a bit. Aside from that it's a surprisingly difficult, yet enjoyable play. Does suffer from some crashing issues.
Think Jason Bourne in the body of a 16 year old girl. Entertaining throughout with lots of good supporting roles. Loads of adventure and action, and some of the photography is stunning.
Labor days showcases Aesop's vividly detailed story telling abilities intertwined with his unconventional, abstract style. The Picasso of independent hip hop. This is the album that made "Aesop Rock" a house hold name in the indie scene.
With a refreshing narration style, a large and fascinating cast of characters, this epic saga will appeal to fans of historical and fantasy stories alike. It can be a bit tough to get through the first chapter, but once in, good luck getting out.
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